Overseas Education Counseling

At Genius Edu, our experts guide you through every step of your overseas education keeping your individual requirements at the core. We guide you through the selection process, finances, profile building, application, VISA and accommodation. In short, we take care of all your needs ensuring the best academic path for your future.

Course, Country and University Selection

Choosing the right country and university based on your interests and academic background is essential. With every changing immigration and post-study policy, it becomes of utmost importance to screen the best options as per your needs and requirements. Genius Edu assists you to screen out the best possible options available in the world that meet your requirements and professional goals.

Application & Admission Assistance

Be it compiling, attesting, and preparing error-free documents, or writing your statement of purpose, resume and questions required by college, our experts help you with every step of completing your application and admission process. We leave no stones unturned to make your application stand out in the crowd and get you into your dream college.

Finance Assistance

Finance can be the biggest challenge for all of us. From your application procedures to your living expenses at the destination country, there is a lot to be considered while planning your overseas education. We at Genius Edu understand this and assist in getting the correct financial aid from the correct resources. If required, we also help your parents understand the financial commitment required for overseas education from their end.

VISA Assistance

VISA application and processing is one of the final stages before you set off for your destination. Every year many students face rejections even after getting admitted to their dream university and that is why a careful and vigilant approach is required for VISA application. We assist you with all the documentation work required for the VISA application and also assist in your preparation for your interview that is conducted by embassies as a final step.

Accommodation Assistance

Shifting and settling to a completely new place can be a daunting task. As promised, we take care of all of your needs from start to end, including your arrival and accommodation facilities in the destination country. Our partners ensure safe pick-up at the airport and also assist you to find a hostel/ homestay at the destination country as required.