Universities & Institutions we represent in France

Check out the list of universities/institutions in France for international students. We have a collaboration with 18 educational institutions in France.

No. Name Website
1 Skema Business School, Paris
2 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines d'Alès - IMT Mines, Alès (MSc in Disaster Management and Environmental Impact)
3 NEOMA Business School, Rouen
4 Burgundy School of Business, Dijon
5 Rennes School of Business, Rennes
6 Excelia Group, La Rochelle
7 Institut supérieur d`électronique de Paris (ISEP), Paris
8 EPITA - School of Engineering and Computer Science, Paris
10 Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris - ISC, Paris
11 EM Normandie Business School, Paris
12 Le Cordon Bleu, Paris
13 De Vinci Higher Education
14 The Catholic University of the West, Angers
15 College de Paris, Paris
16 Queen Mary University of London, Paris
17 Istituto Marangoni Fashion and Design School, (Milan and Florence Campus)
18 Sustainable Design School, Nice
19 The American Business School of Paris, Paris
20 Ecole Ducasse, Paris

Why Choose France higher studies

France is a dreamland for international students. It is known for its tradition of welcoming foreign students with open arms. France being a historic venue of culture and knowledge provides international students an experience in itself. Students become not just part of a larger global-cultural universe but also become the first-hand witness to its glorious history of influencing world culture, art and science. With over 4,000 institutions focused on science, business, arts and other fields, it has so much to offer the international students. With Paris, the capital being a global hub of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, students not only have unlimited choices but also are placed in one of the richest multicultural countries. From breathtaking monuments to hearted locals, some of World's top-ranked universities to experienced faculties, there are many reasons to study in France.

Benefits of studying in France

France is a student-friendly country. France is the right choice for students who are looking for courses in Luxury and Brand Management, Hospitality, Business, Fashion and Cookery. The institutions in France do offer academic, professional and technical degree programs in all disciplines at affordable tuition fees. Possibility of completing the Masters in a single year and Bachelors in 3 years makes France a preferable choice. English courses, possibility of admissions without IELTS, internships in MNC’s and access to visit all the Schengen countries on a student visa are the advantages of pursuing higher education in France.

How can Geniusedu help You?

Geniusedu consultants with their industry expertise and start-to-end assistance provides the comprehensive counselling giving genuine advice on selection of programs. You will get proper student visa guidance along with application processing and scholarship application assistance. Our consulting services are highly recommended for international studies in France.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the popular courses available to study in France?

    France universities are known for high ranking among world universities. This has largely to do with the excellence these universities provide in various subjects, infrastructural advantages, research options and facilities, even expertise of the faculties. So, we list a few of the top courses, students can choose from:
    ⦿ Business Administration
    ⦿ Management
    ⦿ Culinary Arts
    ⦿ Hospitality and Tourism
    ⦿ Engineering
    ⦿ Science and related subjects
    ⦿ Creative Arts and Design
    ⦿ Philosophy
    ⦿ Social Sciences including History, Sociology, Anthropology
    ⦿ Medicine
    ⦿ Literature and Linguistics
    ⦿ Psychology
    ⦿ Film Studies
    ⦿ Mass media and Global communication
    ⦿ Information Technology and many more

  • Are Scholarships provided for students who are willing to study in France?

    To make studies budgeted in France, scholarships are normally offered by either the Universities or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the French embassy in your country. Some universities offer scholarships upto 10,000 Euro per year to eligible students, based on their academic excellence and other criteria. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also offer the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme for students applying for Master's degree or Ph.D. programs.

  • What is the process to get a student visa for France?

    If you are not a citizen of any EU nation or European Economic Area, you should have a French student visa. Indian students should obtain the VLS-TS to study in France and students are advised to apply for the same at the very moment they are enrolled and they get the offer letter from the institution they enrolled into. It usually takes about 2 - 3 weeks to get a VISA. Students are required to register for an online account wherein they will be required to upload all the visa documents online.

  • What are documents which should be handy while applying for a VISA to study in France?

    Here is the list of visa document requirements to study in France though it will be advisable to contact your counselor expert for latest requirements:
    ⦿ A valid passport
    ⦿ Two latest passport size photos
    ⦿ Proof of sufficient finances
    ⦿ Proof of medical insurance valid in France
    ⦿ Additional academic documents may be required such as Transcripts, degrees, diploma or certificate from the school or colleges you have attended.
    ⦿ Proof of admission to a French university.
    ⦿ Completed OFII form
    ⦿ Copy of CV / Resume
    ⦿ Copy of airplane ticket

  • Which examinations or tests are required to apply and study in France?

    Since, every year a large number of international students migrate to France for their higher studies, the medium of instruction in most of the universities and colleges is English. For admissions in these institutions, students must score excellent in the English-proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE and TOEFL. However, the French equivalent for these tests are TCF and LeTEF. GRE and GMAT might also be needed and students are advised to check the admission requirement and consult the overseas education counselors for more details.

  • What is the cost of studying in France?

    France is one of the top overseas education destinations and located in Europe, it has its own appeal for the international students. If you are applying at Public Universities of France, Pursuing a Bachelors degree in France can cost approximately 190 Euros per year while pursuing a Masters degree may cost approximately 260 Euros per year.
    The cost of living in France is a bit higher than countries like Germany & New Zealand but is more or less equivalent to other top overseas education destinations like the US and the UK.